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Núdzový markízový stan na izoláciu

Čas: 2022-09-01 Počet zobrazení: 53

Now, the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 affects all the countries in the world. Millions of patients are in urgent need of treatment. Rapid construction of medical emergency tent has become a required option. Apart from providing temporary isolation tent, temporary medical ward, emergency shelter, it can also serve as multifunctional tent for medical equipment supplies, emergency food storage, vaccination sites, etc.

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This kind of assembled mobile medical emergency tent is characterized by easy disassembly and installation, green environmental protection, no damage to the site, power equipment and medical equipment can be stationed, can adapt to a variety of extreme climates, and has fast conversion function. It is a new type of assembled tent with modular structure, which is expanded to the required size in the unit of 5m.
Our medical emergency tent is made of high-strength industrial aluminum profiles, which can be built in a very short time. The tarpaulin uses PVC knife to scrape the coated synthetic fiber cloth. The tent span is from 3m to 80m, and the overall size is extended according to the needs of customers.

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